“Z” Litter Born 06/12/21

Parents Star x Pedro

3 girls= 1 Blue Merle and 2 Black and Whites

2 boys= 1 black and white 1 Blue Merle

2 thoughts on ““Z” Litter Born 06/12/21

  1. I found Tony from the AKC website. I was able reserve the first pick from this litter. The transaction was smooth. The only hickup was patience for the litter. Lol. Tony just had a blue Merle litter earlier in the year and didn’t know when they would do another. They took the deposit and we waited 8-9 months before they began. Kept me up to date throughout the journey till we picked up Bailey at 10 weeks. Could’ve picked up at 8 weeks but I had scheduling conflicts. I’m beyond satisfied with the temperament of Bailey. Trainable, loving and my best friend. Thanks Tony!

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